Oct 26, 2016

Alpine Utah Community Overview

By Griff Christensen

Alpine Utah, is situated at State Route 74, to the north of the cities of American Fork and Highland. It has a total land area of 7.4 sq., mi. The population as of 2013 is 10,024 and continues to grow annually. The unemployment rate is three percent with jobs growing by 5.4 percent yearly. The name comes from the views, as the city itself sits elevated, and the remarkable views are said to be comparable with those of the Swiss Alps. It has no bodies of water but mountain streams run through it when there is enough rainfall. Bikers from across the state flock to the city for its many mountain biking trails. There are also a number of trails and paths that are suited for mountain climbers - hence, attract enthusiasts to hike along its terrains.

Alpine Utah Community

Average commute time around the area is 24 minutes, lower than the national average of 25 minutes. There are 1,662 households and 1,545 families. At present, there are 1,734 housing units which are more than adequate for its present residents. Of the 1,662 households, 2/3 have children under 18 years old and five percent have seniors aged 65 and over living with them. The average family size is 4.5 with a median age of 21 years old. The median income is US $72,880 for a household and US $74,891 for the family.

Alpine is home to four schools - three are a part of the Alpine School District and the fourth is a charter school for grades K-9. Alpine Elementary, Westfield Elementary are Alpine District Schools cater to students up to grades K-6. The two Alpine District elementary schools send their K-7 to 9 students to Timberline Middle School.

Places of Interest

There are many places of interest in Alpine, like neighborhood parks, sports facilities, greenways and natural resource places. The city takes pride in their scenic parks and green areas. There are mass gatherings that are held on public or private properties for the general public's enjoyment. They may have charges or no charge and may be held for-profit or non-profit endeavors. Other activities in the city are fairs, festivals, races, concerts, and parades. Some of the city parks and places of interest are:

  • Beck's Hill Park at Rocky Mountain Drive. 17.8 acres of open space with children's play area, walking trails, and a big pavilion.
  • Burgess Park at Canyon Crest Road. A play area with five baseball diamonds; courts for sand volleyball, tennis, and basketball; paved trail, and children play areas
  • Creekside Park at 108 South. Amenities include a Splash Pad; courts for tennis, basketball, and volleyball; pavilions and walking trails
  • Lambert Park at Grove Drive. An open space of 255 acres, with trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding, pavilion, and a camping site
  • Legacy Park at the corner of Center and Main Street. A one acre home for Alpine Days, with children's play area and a gazebo.
  • Timpanogos Cave National Monument at Alpine Loop Road. There are guided tours and a 1.5-mile trail steep for hiking.
  • Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. A botanical garden with a serene landscape and a brick pathway to connect cultivated gardens, lawns, and waterfalls.


There are a few dining places and restaurants around the area. Three well known places are:  Blue Lemon at Alpine Highway that serves organic and vegetarian food; Pizza Pie Cafe at West 11000 North where you can have pizza and italian buffet style; Barbacoa Mexican Grill in West 11000 North known for their sweet honey pork burritos, chips and salsa, among many other establishments to choose from.

Other amenities include an assisted living facilities for the elderly. These facilities give personalized care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia to continue living fulfilled lives. The Alpine Rehabilitation Clinics caters to patients needing treatment with deluxe accommodations, 5-star meals, and superb facilities.

Alpine Utah Real Estate Prices

The average price for Alpine Utah homes is US $634,656, which is 98 percent higher than the rest of Utah and 93 percent than the national average. The average rental price is US$1,647 which is 91 percent higher than the neighborhood in the city. Real estate in the central area is typically made up of four, five or more bedrooms. Median real estate price in Alpine is $634,656, which is more expensive than 98.3% of the neighborhoods in Utah and 93.4% of that in the U.S.

Most homes in Alpine are primarily unique and above average size single-family houses. The majority of these residential areas are owner-occupied. These are homes that have been recently built - 1977 to 1999 - with the rest of them built from 2000 onwards. Most residential units are fully occupied. The vacancy rate if 0.40 percent, lower that 96.6 percent of the national average. What this means is that the housing supply in Alpine is tight as compared to the demand for property in the area.

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