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About Alpine

Alpine is one of the more popular zip codes in Utah.  Real estate is expensive and the homes are well maintained and beautiful.   The community has a high level of white collar workers, with a much higher percentage of adults with college educations than most other cities in the state. 

Alpine is a small city with an estimated 10,235 residents and is tucked into the Wasatch Front on the Utah County side.   With gorgeous tall mountains rising on two sides, Alpine has spectacular views and many outdoor opportunities.  Being tucked away like it is, Alpine is a bedroom community that has been able to maintain a small town feel while taking advantage of all the amenities adjacent cities offer.  

Real Estate

Considering Alpine’s beautiful location, this is an extremely popular community to live in.  

Because Alpine is hemmed in by mountains on two sides, there’s not a lot of room to sprawl, so buildable land is at a premium. 

In the city center you can find beautifully maintained cottages and smaller homes and the further out you go the bigger and more impressive the homes get.   Although the overall prices are higher than the average home in Utah there is still a great range in home size and prices in Alpine, with well established neighborhoods and a few newer neighborhoods as well.  The average home price in Alpine is $534,600 as compared to the average across the United States of $185,800.






A great thing about the city of Alpine is the home ownership percentage is very high.  This generally bodes well for community crime and local school rankings as you’ll see below.


Alpine has a rich history, being established in the 1850’s by Mormon settlers.  Of the homes in Alpine, over 50% were built between 1970 and 1999 with with another 32% built after 2000.  For the first century of this community’s existence, it was populated sparsely and comprised a lot of farm and pasture ground.  Now that homes populate this incredibly beautiful area, it’s no wonder living in Alpine is so highly sought after. 


With a very small commercial center, Alpine is the definition of what you would call a bedroom community.  With average home prices as high as they are and with very little by way of apartments, row homes, attached homes, and commercial developments, Alpine is a small city tucked away from everything where community still means something, streets are quiet, and parks are full of children playing.  Alpine truly is a wonderful place to live.  


Area Stats


Alpine’s population is 96.35% white with 37.72% being children under the age of 17.  With slightly over 18.84% being over 55 years old, this city has a good amount of children with a lot of family's with children in their teens.


Alpine’s estimated median household income comes in at $98,589.  This is significantly higher than Utah’s estimated median household income of $59,770.  Alpine's unemployment rate is less than 4%.


97.63% of Alpine’s adult population graduated from High School.  Just over 46% graduated from college compared to 21.84% nationwide.  As you can see, Alpine is a community of very educated people. 

Climate’s comfort index places Alpine 64 out of 100.  Where higher is more comfortable, this is a good rating considering the U.S. average is 44.

Alpine is on the drier side with 17.1 inches of rain as compared to the national average of 37 inches of rain per year.  With snowfall of 37.6 inches in Alpine it is more than the 25 inches for the average U.S. city.

There are 222 sunny days per year in Alpine with 80 days of rain, measured by at least .01 inches.  The annual high in July is 91 degrees while the average low in January is 19.2 degrees


Neighborhoodscout’s analysis of the FBI crime statistics places Alpine Utah as safer than 85% of the cities and towns of every size in the entire United States. 

If you live in Alpine your chances of being a victim of violent crime (assault, rape, murder, armed robbery) is 1 in 3377 (which is 0 in 1000 residents) as compared to 1 in 464 for the entire state!

The property crime (motor vehicle theft, arson, larceny, burglary) is lower than almost every community in America and your chances of being a victim to property crime is 1 in 147, as compared to 1 in 35 for the entire state of Utah.


Alpine is home to 3 schools: 2 elementary, 1 middle school and 0 high school.  There are 2,798 students enrolled in these schools and two have a rating of 9 out of 10 per’s national ranking system. This speaks volumes to the focus on education found in the homes in Alpine Utah.  The average class size in Alpine is 22 students.  There is not a high school in Alpine so all the Alpine students attend Lone Peak High School in Highland.



Alpine Elementary

Public |K-6 | 657 Students

400 E. 300 N. Alpine, Ut 84004

(801) 756-8525



Westfield Elementary

Public | K-7 | 840 Students

380 S. Long Dr. Alpine, UT 84004

(801) 763-7040



Timberline Middle School

Public | 7-9 | 1,301 Students

500 W. Canyon Crest Alpine, UT 84003

(801) 763-7005


Local Attractions

Alpine City has a slow peaceful feel with amazing views of the valley and mountains.  For outdoor enthusiasts there’s an unlimited supply of adventures right out your back door. 

From mountain biking, horseback riding, camping, dirt bike riding, ATV riding, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the amenities of Alpine’s many parks, to venturing out to nearby communities for shopping, dining, movies, plays and every other amenity a big city offers. 

Alpine, with its tiny town feel and incredible amenities within a 30-minute drive, offers the best of both worlds, and is the type of community that becomes rarer by the year. 


Alpine has a lot of neighborhood parks, special use parks, green ways, sports complexes and natural resource areas.  Call 801-756-6347 for pavilion reservations.


Alpine does not offer much by way of shopping.  There’s just one gas station in town, a Texaco, located on Main Street. 

All the residents of Alpine do their shopping in adjacent communities like Highland and Lehi, where everything a resident could possibly want to buy, eat, or wear is available inside of a 20-minute drive.


Like shopping, Alpine does not offer much by way of dining.   Highland, Lehi, American Fork, and on the other side of the point of the mountain, Draper, all offer an incredible amount of dining options.  All within a 20-minute drive.

Alpine Days

The second week of August every year, Alpine holds their city celebration.  Called Alpine Days, this is a week-long event with lots of things to get involved with.

Baby Contest

Car Show

Family Luau

Chalk the Block

Drone Race

Family Foam Party

Pet Show


Pancake Breakfast


Fish Grab


5k and 10k Race

Mountain Bike Race

3x3 Soccer Tournament

3x3 Basketball Tournament


Youth Sports

Alpine does not have their own community recreation program.  They have partnered with several adjacent cities to piggy-back off their recreation opportunities.  These programs are:

American Fork City Recreation  (link:

Cedar Hills City Recreation 

North Utah County Soccer 

Lone Peak Youth Football 

Lone Peak Youth Baseball

Local Community Fitness Center

Alpine City does not have a fitness facility.  The majority of Alpine residents use Draper’s or American Fork’s community centers, and there are a lot of gyms within a 15 minute drive.

There is one gym in Alpine called Alpine Fitness (of course!).  It is located at 75 W. Main St. Court Suite #100 Alpine, Ut 84004.  Their phone number is 801.2216.4299

In addition to the use of the gym and cardio equipment, a membership gains access to specialized classes like their boot camp training.  Alpine Fitness also offers boxing training and personal trainings to their clients.


Thinking of buying a home in Alpine Utah?

Hi!  My name is Griffin.  I’m a real estate agent that specializes in Alpine, Utah real estate and I’ve put this page together to help you learn more about this great community.  I have done a lot of business in Alpine and I know the market inside and out and I can vouch it’s a wonderful place to live.  I would be happy to answer any questions you might have as you consider buying a home here.   I can be reached at 801-712-9999

In the meantime, please feel free to look through the featured properties below of currently for sale homes in Alpine. 

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